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New Anti-bullying Website Launched
Egale Canada has launched a new website. The My Gay-Straight Alliance website ( promotes understanding and awareness among high school students of all sexual orientations.


Q Hall of Fame Press Release
The Q Hall of Fame issued a press release today announcing that Q Ball will be moved to a Bi-Annual event to better facilitate community participation in the Hall of Fame program and to launch a national scholarship program. There will be functions held through each year, but the main event will be held bi-annually to allow for full community involvement. For the full story please visit
Minister Jason Kenney
Gay rights section nixed for immigrants' guide

Immigration minister a past opponent of same-sex marriage

Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney blocked any reference to gay rights in a new study guide for immigrants applying for Canadian citizenship, the Canadian Press has learned.

"The Liberals didn't do it, so we didn't either".
"We had to exclude some things to save space".
"Sexual orientation” would have taken up a lot of space.
Kenney denies removing gay reference.
Kenney responsible for removing gay reference.
From Criminality to Equality

Forty years of lesbian and gay movement history in Canada. Directed & produced by Nancy Nicol.
This award winning series brings to life a moving legacy, combining rarely seen archival footage with diverse voices of the movement from across Canada, and bonus features including study guide and interview with Nancy Nicol.

  • The series includes:
    • Stand Together (2002, 124 min.)
    • The Queer Nineties (2009, 91 min.)
    • Politics of the Heart (2005, 68 min.)
    • The End of Second Class (2009, 91 min.)

Available for purchase online at

Press Release


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